Today I am going to share the room of our baby boy with you. Not only that, I will also give you a little pregnancy update. So today it's only 4 weeks until DUE DATE. Oh, it's coming closer now.. Although I am a bit nervous, I feel very positive and I am not trying to think too much about it like I did the first time with Alina! In this stage of the pregnancy I feel quit OK. I still do a lot, so I do get tired easily. That's the only thing that bothers me. But hey, that's normal right?! Before I forget we also went to our midwife for a last ultrasound this week and it seems like the baby’s in a breech position. Next week I have an appointment at the hospital, they are going to try to turn the baby! We will see how that goes..

He is our little fox!

Anyway, I do have a big nesting urge. Everything is done for so far. We bought the things we need for the baby, I washed all his clothes, I am also busy with his birth cards and his baby room is finished too. The room is just TOO cute! I chose soft blue and ocher yellow colors to decorate the room. I am so in love with yellow lately. I like the color so much that I use it a lot in my makeup looks too. The rest of the room is white and wood. 

Most of the furnitures are from Ikea and Leen Bakker. We also saved some stuff from Alina that we can use again. That way we saved a lot of money! Overall I am happy with the outcome. Now let’s just hope that the baby arrives fast so I can work on my body and eat healthy again, LOL!

 How cute is this newborn Prenatal set? :-)

Almmost there..