BLUE BABY SHOWER | Selma Alidini

Welcome to my second blog post. Last week I was surprised by my sister. She organized a mini BLUE baby shower for me. I have only 5 weeks to go from today until the due date. Although I already gave birth one time before, it's still exciting. I am also a little bit scared. 

The baby shower was held at my mom's house. My sister invited some of my closest friends and our neighbors. She already knew I didn’t wanted anything BIG. I don't know, I never liked BIG parties or surprises. I prefer when surprises are smaller and you really get a chance to talk to everyone. Am I the only one who thinks like that? 

My baby girl, Alina with here niece Ilayda

My sister organized everything very good. I loved the blue decoration. My baby girl had a good time with her niece too. We all had some good conversations and some good laughs. The food was amazing. My sister made couscous. I love couscous! My mother made a little, blue cake with a teat on top. I am so curious about our boy.. I can't wait to me him. Thank you everyone who came and than you for all the presents! Anyway, I will keep you updated about my pregnancy on my blog in the upcoming week. Stay tuned if you are interested. 

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