Hi and welcome back to a new blog post. This is a post that I wanted to do for some while now. I keep getting questions, especially on Instagram about my skin care. I wanted to share some of my favorite products at the moment. The products I am going to mention are products that I have really been loving for the last couple of weeks/months for dry/sensitive skin. I narrowed my favorites down to 5. Taking good care of our skin is so important, especially when you love to play with make up as much as I do. We all know that enough rest, sleep and water is important too. 
The first mask: Clay and Glow! I love this DETOXIFYING PINK CLAY MASK. I use it once a week. It makes my face not only look fresh and awake, but it also keeps it smooth. I feel like I have a baby skin afterwards. The mask contains power ingredients: Kaolin, Black Quinoa, Acai and Aloe Vera. The mask has no paraben, no perfume, is gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. It’s a winner, right?! Available on their website: CLAY AND GLOW.

The second mask I am loving at the moment is from Biovene Barcelona, the Native Secret. It’s a DIY powder-to-clay mask. You mix the powder with water to get the actual mask. It’s a detoxifying mask and contains pink Australian clay, pomegranate and mangosteen that keeps your face glowing. Available on their website: BIOVENE BARCELONA.

Clay and Glow & Biovene Barcelona

Last but not least are some Pixi Beauty products. I am obsessed with Pixi products, some more than others. I love their packaging, but also the quality. I love smelling roses all the time in our garden, lol. Maybe you guessed it right, I am obsessed with the Rose Tonic by Pixi. It not only smells good, but it feels so good on the skin. It helps you to balance and calm the skin. It’s suitable for the most sensitive skin. It’s best to use after cleansing! I use it daily!

The second Pixi product is the Phenomenal Gel. It’s for all skin types. The moisture gel helps to balance the skin and to keep it soft! Good to use after toning or as needed. I use it daily!
The last, but NOT least are the Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches. OMG, these are the best if you ask me. The gel eye-patches are hydrating, smoothing and nourishing. They are infused with cucumber. I use them once a week (or more when I have those mommy-under-eyes, lol). Shop Pixi: HERE. What are your favorites? Let me know!

Pixi DetoxifEYE, Depuffing Eye Patches

Disclaimer: the products in this post are sent to me in PR or were gifted to me.