Hi everyone,

Let me first introduce our new born son, his name is Alan Nasser and he is born on the 22nd of July at 00.19 o'clock (49 cm/2835 g). These two weeks flew by so fast. I just can't believe it. If you watched my 'Get ready with me' video on YouTube you already know that we chose to do a C-section because he was in a breech position. Everything was planned ahead and he would have been here on Tuesday, the 23rd of July, but the little one thought different. He decided to come earlier. 

I felt my first contraction after dinner on Sunday (two days before), but I didn't think that it was time already (my original due date was 27th of July). Once the contractions came faster and stronger I knew we needed to rush to the hospital! I already had 4 cm dilation so it became an urgent C-section. After they took me to the OR everything went by so fast. He was here within 15 minutes after the epidural! My previous labor was a natural labor. This one was very different. I was anesthetized, but still I felt how the doctors pulled on my tummy. It was such a weird feeling. I guess a lot of mothers who experienced that know what I mean.

Those tiny lil feet

After three days in the hospital I finally came home. It was very hard for me to stay in the hospital, not only because of the pain I had, but mostly because I missed my baby girl and my hubby! After five days I finally felt like myself. Every day is a better day.. I had some trouble with breastfeeding, but that's OK now. After two weeks I am (almost) the ol' me! I can do more in my household, I can walk more and my wound is healing very good. :-)

Our first hug

Besides that I really enjoy my little bundle of joy. He is doing so good! He drinks and sleeps good. It's a quiet baby for so far. I just want to cuddle and smell him all the time. Alina was different, she cried a lot in her first weeks. No matter how many time I need to get up at night for him, we are happy and complete now! Life is good. We are blessed with two amazing kids. It's not always easy and I am tired, but they gives me so much strength! We are enjoying our time together. That’s all that matters! More mommy updates will follow soon..

Sister and brother